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Bacon & Ham Recipes

Our recipes are developed for you to get the best out of our bacons and hams.

Yummy, easy to do with great flavour and are sure to impress your friends and family.

Many have been developed to be easy for kids to do and get involved in the kitchen.

Christmas Hams

Our factory shop has quarter, half, and whole gluten free manuka smoked hams available for your Christmas table.

We also have a wonderful selection of streaky and middle bacon available that is chemical and preservative free all year round.

Our bacon has no added water and this makes it easier to cook with with better results. It crisps up like a dream.

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Latest Independent Product Reviews

January 2013 - New Zealand Herald

"Bacon sammy addict gets a better option"

We have had an unexpected but very welcome surprise. Wendyl Nissen (who writes a weekly column for the New Zealand Herald in which she analyses various food products) came across our bacon in her local supermarket and it seems she rather liked it. 

She commented as follows:

"I think a bacon which has just three ingredients - pork, salt and sugar- is far superior to another bacon product I found on the same shelf which had water as its second ingredient, plus not one but four mineral salts, two thickeners, a starch, dextrose, sugar, sodium nitrate and yeast extract for flavour. That's 16 ingredients when you include the pork , compared with just three" You can read the full article here

November 2012

Hendersons Fine Foods has new owners.

Hendersons Fine Foods, the specialist for traditional chemical free bacon and ham has changed ownership. The new owners Martin Cambden and Lindsay Esler will keep the established recipes and products and plan to add delicious new chemical free products to the existing range.

Hendersons is well known in New Zealand for its naturally cured bacon without chemicals, preservatives, colours and without added water. All products are smoked on Manuka wood which gives Hendersons products the unique, authentic flavour. Bacon – the way it used to be!

Martin Cambden, Director of Hendersons Fine Foods, explains Hendersons philosophy: “Our bacon and ham products are in the New Zealand market for more than 20 years and have always been produced with the same original recipes.

We cure our bacon with salt and sugar only over a long period and smoke the bacon on low temperatures on Manuka wood. This is the traditional way of curing bacon as our grandparents  knew it.

Other manufacturer's bacon is produced sometimes within hours whereas our products take up to one week to reach their full flavour.

The result is obvious when the consumer cooks the product – bacon with water and chemicals take longer to cook, release water and foam from the bacon and don’t get crispy.

We are committed to quality, natural products and innovation. Our  unique seasonal products Mediterranean and Chili bacon offer another alternative to the well loved Middle and Streaky bacon.

The company has researched world wide for new ways to produce a ham with just  natural ingredients and is  the first company in Australasia offering a healthy alternative to all other products in the market. Concentrated vegetable juices together with enzymes as the consumer would know them in healthy yoghurt products create a natural cure for hams and allow the production of a tasty, natural Christmas ham. The natural ham is also available in 200 g sliced packs in selected supermarkets.

The Hendersons factory in 46C Porana Road in Glenfield has the highest food certification from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and fulfils the highest food safety specifications in New Zealand.

Visitors are always welcomed and can order their unique xmas hams straight from  the  factory shop or pick up some special bacon products.

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