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Bacon & Ham Recipes

Our recipes are developed for you to get the best out of our bacons and hams.

Yummy, easy to do with great flavour and are sure to impress your friends and family.

Many have been developed to be easy for kids to do and get involved in the kitchen.

Christmas Hams

Our factory shop has quarter, half, and whole gluten free manuka smoked hams available for your Christmas table.

We also have a wonderful selection of streaky and middle bacon available that is chemical and preservative free all year round.

Our bacon has no added water and this makes it easier to cook with with better results. It crisps up like a dream.

Hendersons Fine Foods Factory Pricelist


Dry cured Middle Bacon - Rind On 300 g - $7.00

Dry cured Middle Bacon - Rind On 500 g - $9.50

Dry cured Streaky Bacon - Rindless 300 g - $7.00

Dry cured Streaky Bacon - Rindless 500 g - $9.50

Dry cured BBQ Bacon Pieces 1 KG - $6.00

Dry cured Bacon Mince 500 g - $5.00

Free Range Middle Bacon 250 g - $9.00


Ham Cooked On The Bone

Whole, Half and Quarter - $16.00 per KG

Sliced Ham 1KG $13.00 per KG

Sliced Ham 500 g $7.00 per KG

Sliced Ham 200g - $3.80

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM



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